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Why are LlamaNation and AlpacaNation Successful?

Since its introduction, LlamaNation and AlpacaNation have quickly become an industry standard for llama and alpaca marketing on the Internet. Visitors enjoy the convenience of browsing the industry's top alpaca and llama breeders and thousands of alpaca, llama and herdsire listings from the comfort of their home.

LlamaNation and AlpacaNation attribute much of its success to the members themselves. Their valuable feedback and advice continue to make LN and AN a useful marketing tool and a greater asset to the llama and alpaca industry with every new year.

In addition, we believe the following qualities about LN and AN have greatly contributed to its success:

Ease of Use
A new member recently wrote on the day they joined, "I am really enjoying the ease of your site and can't believe I waited this long to join." Most of our members have heard that LN/AN are easy to use, but they don't fully realize how easy it is (even for the computer challenged) until they join. LlamaNation and AlpacaNation give the breeder the ability to keep a current and accurate sales list in a dynamic business environment.

Full Service
Our suite of services is constantly expanding to fit the growing needs of llama breeders.  LlamaNation provides the llama breeder with an opportunity to advertise all aspects of their business.  Farm and llama listings are only the beginning... our members have access to contact lists, direct inquiry leads, e-mail marketing, their own on-line storefront, product and service listings, and more.
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Customer Service
LlamaNation prides itself on its customer service.  We routinely hear that our customer service and responsiveness is what sets us apart from other advertising options.  Hands-on customer service by our full-time, dedicate staff is available and is only an e-mail or phone call away.  

LN and AN advertise through search engines, email and print magazines. As a result, LlamaNation and AlpacaNation are recognized as industry wide resources for new and experienced breeders. We are seeing more and more unsolicited references and referrals to LlamaNation and AlpacaNation around the industry.

Our business model is straightforward and easy to understand.  There are no complex membership levels, commissions or consignment requirements.  A simple and affordable fee is the only requirement to list your farm and animals. Your membership fee can be paid monthly or annually.  Unlike other advertising options, we provide our members with the ability to directly measure the return on their membership fee through hit counters on all listings.
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Llama Information

Llama Information

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