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August 25th, 2003 .  Herdsire Jealousy


Llama Training
I am having problems with my young herdsire's jealousy. They are separated, but one in particular is continuously using his warning cry and acting aggressive. I would also like to be able to house the three herdsires together, if possible. How do I get them to calm down? Or is this just the natural result of the libido that you want for a herdsire. Sure is noisy.

Llama Training
Most of the noise is sound and fury signifying nothing, but it does wear on a person. Everyone's fighting teeth should be checked and those long enough to do damage should be removed. Make sure you have a large enough area (an acre or so for three adult males isn't too much), with lots of hay feeder space at least 4 feet per animal- better yet different feeders located around their pasture and multiple waterers as well. 

A serious fight is best handled with cold water from a hose or a bucket. I would never try to physically separate fighting males yourself. They won't know who they are biting! If you decide to put them together after you have checked their teeth get some earplugs and let them work it out. Separating them and then putting them back together only starts the whole process over again. When introducing a new male try this sequence... remove the old group from their pasture, put the new male in the pasture and reintroduce the group to the pasture after a half a day or so. The new guy will then have a bit of an upper hand that will help him adjust. 

As far as libido- it is an odd thing, but many times intensely territorial males are not the best lovers - they are too interested in fighting and defending territory and have trouble staying put if you know what I mean. Sometimes mellow males can be the easiest to manage and also breed quite reliably and a mellow temperament is a good thing to breed for if you ask me. 

~ Marty McGee Bennett


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