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 Aurora In Living Color (Gelding)
   Listed by Cindi Chan
  Type:  Male Medium Wool
Status:  Non-Breeder

Birthdate:  5/31/2009
Heritage:  Companion/Pet,Guard,Halter,Mini,Packing,Performance

Registration: ILR Registered
ILR#:  277715
ARI Color:  Pattern (White,Black,Dilute Grey)



MCFL Miriah   


Black, 268857, Breeding,Companion/Pet,Guard


Miriah arrived at Aurora Farm as cria at side to Mocha from McFarland's Llama Farm in Ohio. She imediately took over the farm and our hearts!

She is a lovely tuxedo patterned silky to light wool traditional type llama. She has produced several crias and is an easy birther and wonderful mother.

Miriah is the best guard on the farm and is always tuned in to her herd of alpacas and llamas. She is observant and has been know to threaten, and stomp, canine unwelcome visitors.

  HJ Isidro's Color Up  
    Pattern, 254761, Breeding  

Standing at Stud at Aurora Farm for Spring 2012!

Take a look at this beautiful silver gray appaloosa herdsire owned by McFarland's Llama Farm in Ohio. Color Up has been visiting Aurora Farm to bred our girls and to entertain outside breedings as well.

Color Up is one-half Argentine, heavy wool, with outstanding confirmation and head type and a great temperament to boot!

Consider Color Up for Spring.



  Micron Count



Keenen is perfect for the smaller llama enthusiast or if your interest runs towards fiber. He is 1/4 Argentine which probably contributed to his size.

Keenen is an upright in stature llama with a beautiful head and ears. He is a dilute appaloosa and his fiber is very silky and fine with long staple length. His fleece once fooled an experienced alpaca judge thinking his fineness and quality was that of an alpaca...though he couldn't figure out his color!

Keenen is an impressive guard and knows exactly what's going on in his pasture. He would be the perfect llama guard for those that are not used to the size of llamas but still want a competent, and beautiful, guard for their herd or flock.

It is possible that Keenen could qualify as a "mini" if you would be interested in showing him. His fleece will certainly hold him above the rest.

Take a look at this versatile boy! Come for a visit!

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