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Shadowbrook Farms

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  Shadowbrook Farms
Meg Steensland
7043 Us 42
Mount Gilead, OH 43338 

Ph1: 419-362-1383
Ph2: 614-306-0843
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A Trip to the Zoo
These five llamas are bound for a voyage to a zoo in Rangunan Indonesia!

Price:  $10000 

Llamas included in package:  (5 llamas) 
(click llama name to view details)

Charm - Medium Wool, Female, Pattern
Lovely alert llama being trained as an alpaca guard by her dam. She is a calico - we went to a Debbie Ulrich camelid color genetics seminar in July and learned this. Charm was shown at the Ohio State Fair Llama Show the next week with her dam in the 'Mom and Me' class and they took the blue ribbon. So, she got t...Read More

Rhodella May - Light Wool, Female, Intense Red
Another Rhoda gem - copy of herself - eager and inquisitive...Read More

Tamara Spotsy - Light Wool, Female, Pattern
First baby of 2010 and finally a girl - grand-daughter of beloved Tamar and first cria of our suri male Chandan - she is a light wool maybe a classic - will be tall like her mother and appy like her dad.

Started on halter training here in August and working on waning her. She is starting to be more indepen...Read More

Terantella TCF - Heavy Wool, Female, Pattern
Tera has lots of very tiny reddish brown spots throughout the white part of her coat. Her head is a dark red to black color with silver dots on her face and white & silver speckles on her eyelashes. She was just weaned and is a very sweet calm female and has already attended her first county fair. Though, she ...Read More

Mascarauder - Medium Wool, Male, Pattern
Lovely lanuda suri - color is a champaigny cream gray - he is wearing mascara? he is now with a barnful (13) boys - llamas and alpacas and he gets along and does not make any waves - llamas approaching 2 are held in check by a mature alpaca who shepherd the little boys to a degree and tells the big boys to bug-off...Read More
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