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Shadowbrook Farms

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  Farm Owners
Meg Steensland

Farm Address
7043 Us 42
Mount Gilead, OH 43338

Important Phone Numbers
  Ph1: 419-362-1383
Ph2: 614-306-0843
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   Today's Special Offer  
  ALWAYS WANTED A VANGOGH ORIGINAL? - Now you can have one - llama cria by him, that is! Standing stud here in OH for the summer - thanks to Lisa Alayza - The Colorfield (IN) and Kim Peters - Calypso Farm (IL) - to discuss - call Lisa at 317-490-6735 - to schedule a farm visit or breed call 614-306-0843 (Meg) Normal 2008 stud fee $750 - call Lisa for today's special price. Bring a 2nd female for any Shadowbrook stud at half the listed price.  
Herd Count Statistics

Females: 0 Argentine, 3 Light Wool, 3 Medium Wool, 1 Mini, 4 Heavy Wool, 6 Suri
Males: 1 Argentine, 1 Light Wool, 2 Medium Wool, 0 Mini, 2 Heavy Wool, 5 Suri
Geldings: 0 Argentine, 0 Light Wool, 0 Medium Wool, 0 Mini, 0 Heavy Wool, 0 Suri

* Some of our llamas are boarded at the following farms:

   Prancing Meadows Alpaca & Llama Farm
   Carey, OH

   Reid's Farm-has leased guard llamas
   Mansfield, OH

   SF Away Pasture at the Greenhouse
   Mount Gilead, OH

About Us
Sales List
Sale Terms
We strive to provide information and services to the llama community, to other livestock owners interested in sheep and llamas and to the general public to promote awareness of these marvelous animals
Image is being processed by LNShadowbrook Farms in Mount Gilead is a diverse fiber farm with 2 different types of fiber SHEEP as well as camelids. Because of the sheep (Jacobs – the Biblical spotted sheep, Navajo-Churros – whose fiber is used in Navajo woven rugs, Cotswolds have left but we can still get some fiber if asked – with almost suri curls whose fiber is used in decorations and doll-making), this farm ...   Read more
  Our Current Sales List  
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Foundation Herd (5)
Services Offered (2)

Herdsires (13)
Light Wool Herdsires/Jr. Herdsires 
Grey Foxx - Dilute Grey Brown, Unproven, $1
Medium Wool Herdsires/Jr. Herdsires 
HEARTHROB - Pattern, Unproven, $400
Heavy Wool Herdsires/Jr. Herdsires 
MFL BIG RED - Intense Red, Unproven, $250
Suri Herdsires/Jr. Herdsires 
Caballero de Chandan - Pattern, Unproven, $300
CHANDAN - Pattern, Proven, $500
Magic's Jimmy - , Unproven, $200
MGF Sir Fringed - Pattern, Unproven, $500
MGF Sir Fringed - Pattern, Unproven, $500
Nickey Nike - Intense Brown, Unproven, $200
OH Blackjack - Black, Unproven, $200
Ross's Colt 45 (Slim) - Pattern, Unproven, $300
Star Notario - Pattern, Proven, $600
XIMON - Intense Brown, Unproven, $200
Llamas for Sale (17)
Light Wool Bred Females 
Fancie Fantasia - Pattern, Unproven, $1200
Light Wool Open Females 
Miss Neu York - Dilute Brown, Proven, $1200
Light Wool Males 
Grey Fox - Dilute Grey Brown, Unproven, $700
Medium Wool Bred Females 
CARLY DIAMOND XI MON - Pattern, Unproven, $1400
Medium Wool Open Females 
MS Surprise - Pattern, Proven, $1500
Heavy Wool Bred Females 
GCSF Charmaine - Pattern, Proven, $3000
Suri Bred Females 
Angel Wings - Pattern, Unproven, $2000
ARL kANDIED kISSES - Dilute Red, Proven, $2500

Caru See Me Now - Mimi - Pattern, Proven, $2500
Magic's Honey on Ice - Pattern, Unproven, $1500
Satcha QT - Pattern, Unproven, $1200
Suri Open Females 
Alyssa's Melissa - Intense Brown, Unproven, $900
Beatrice The Bearded lady - Cream, Unproven, $950
Fran's Fanciful - Pattern, Unproven, $1200
Suri Males 
Caballero de Chandan - Pattern, Unproven, $2200
DuQUESA'S BLACKJACK - Black, Unproven, $900
Phi's Wings - Pattern, Unproven, $1200
Package Deals (4)

Fiber Lots for Sale (1)

Sold Items (34)


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