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Star Llama Company

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About Star Llama Company

Image is being processed by LNStar Llama Company is one of Michigan's oldest & largest llama breeders, with experience raising, training and enjoying llamas since 1983. We maintain an active breeding group of @ 40 llamas. Our source females are a diverse selection of large, structurally correct, athletic llamas inclined to reproduce heavy or suri wool types. We have exclusively used suri fibered sires since 1998. We currently are using 3 distinct suri bloodlines. If you are just starting your search for llamas please contact us to arrange a visit. We will show you a working farm and explain how to fence, feed, house, train and breed llamas for fun & profit. Quality llamas are available for purchase at all times of the year. Please email and we'll set a time for a farm visit. We can help you decide on the best llamas for your vision..

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our family

Show winning Suris

Star Synthesis


See our web site at www.starllama.com for additional information on special offers and current new arrivals. We have suri males and bloodlines that will enhance your breeding program or start you out with some of the best tried and proven bloodlines.
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  brantgm@gmail.com; starllama1@gmail.com  
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Breeder Biography

Braided into the fabric of our life for over 30 years have been Llamas. They have been the one constant while all about us changed. Jobs, family members, seasons full of holidays and countless worldly events have passed but raising llamas is what we do at the end of each day. Dedicated to moving forward with our goal of a complete suri herd we will use our 7 suri bloodlines to reach for our "stars". There is no unweaving of llamas in our lives which is why "llama keeper" will alway

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