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Show Me State Mini Llamas

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About Show Me State Mini Llamas

Image is being processed by LNShow Me State Mini Llamas is dedicated to breeding and raising quality, sound, small llamas. Every effort is made to develop our llamas into willing companion animals who will be fun to own.

Since 1/2 of the genetic make up of our crias come from our hedsires, we have gone to great lengths to get the best. We are proud to have a full Bolivian 35" herdsire who is very easy to handle and produces sweet natured, physically sound crias. We also have a 7/8 Argentine Don Macho son who is an appy and is only 36" tall.

Like many other llama owners we have fallen in love with the Argentines and are happy to include them in our program. We would like small Argentines but if they out grow our mini program they hold their value. We have 2 full Argentines and 4 part Argentines.

We utilize our llama fiber and have been in the fiber art business since 1984. We have our fiber analyzed at Yocom-McColl testing laboratories to select llamas for fine micron counts.

We strive to keep up on all the latest camelid health information and seek out continuing education programs that help us with breeding, birthing, selection and parasite control. We do our own fecal testing on the farm and work to keep the use of antihelmintics to a minimum.

Llamas are a major part of our lives and we love what we do. They are a labor of love and are the job we love to do. Mini llamas.... Take 2.... they're small.

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Argentine Bravo

We will never sacrifice conformation for size. Although we are breeding for a smaller llama we place the greater importance on a healthy, strong animal that can be used for a variety of companion animal duties. We pack train most of our llamas. Even the females readily accept and wear a pack until we use them for production. Llamas that are too young to wear a heavy pack just carry an empty one.

We subscribe to the "Camelidynamics" philosophy of llama handling and have worked to achieve the Camelidynamics Handler Seal. The bearer of this seal has gone the extra mile to learn safe, respectful and effective handling and training techniques. It is important for us to handle our llamas in a way that they feel safe and comfortable. We raise happy llamas in an environment that promotes a willing relationship between animal and handler. Our ultimate goal is to raise a healthy companion animal who is fun to be around.
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