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Freestate Llamas

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About Freestate Llamas

Freestate Llamas has completed its relocation from Amissville to the new farm in Washington, Virginia. As many of you know, we were victims of gun violence in Culpeper County, a backward county with larger problems. The transition was difficult, costly, and took nearly 4 years, but we are finally settled in beautiful Rappahannock County, and our good sheriff has promised our llamas will not be harmed here and she will not tolerate the harassment to which we, and our livestock, were subjected in horrid Culpeper County.

The move posed a serious setback to our breeding program and we are only just getting back into breeding after a hiatus. However, we have bred every breeding female in the last year to Peruvian Playboy,
the only Maserati intact male in this country. As you may know, Maserati now lives in France....

Additional Farm Photos: (click to enlarge)

Dark Skies

Eating Hay

Grand Nephew, Josh

We Love to Show

Living on the wet and warm East coast, we test the fecals of everyone frequently and check the lower eyelids of everyone every month looking for signs of anemia from the nasty Barber's Pole Worm (a common parasite around here) and for eMac (and mycoplasma). We also dose with Dectomax every 4-6 weeks for meningeal worm prevention (white tail deer are everywhere in Virginia). We start our crias on Dectomax at 3 months and supplement our crias with BoSe and Vitamin D.

We use the veterinarians at Rose Hill Vet Practice in Washington, VA. They can be reached at 540-987-1200. I also frequently consult with Dr. Pam Walker in Grove City, OH.

Please visit my website at www.ILOVESPIT.com for information on caring for llamas.

And, while I was born in Florida and dearly love the subtropics, I just won't sell any of my llamas to someone living there. I know it can work, but I have enough customers in the northern states. I do like to know that prospective buyers who are new to llamas, have sufficient land, a barn with electricity for fans, and have read the ILR's Minimum Standards of Care. I do not sell llamas by themselves unless they are going to a farm that already has some of my animals, or are old enough to weather the stress of such an change AND are going to a farm with llamas already there. Llama breeders frequently underestimate the effects of stress on llamas. New farms, new pasture-mates, weaning, totally different environments, boy these can play havoc on an animal's immune system. I want my animals to thrive at their new homes and I vow to give them the best chance possible.
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Breeder Biography

Marian Bragg works full time for the Federal Government managing federal contracts and has more than 36 years of federal service. Marian has a BS in Geology and an MS in Information Management. She lives with her husband, Andrew, an artist and carpenter, and their 3 dogs, 5 cats, and 40+ llamas. Marian has been breeding llamas for 20 years. In her scant spare time, she and her husband visit the Chesapeake Bay area where they keep a summer home.

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