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Go To Top Of Page About this Forum

Welcome to the Llama Forum at LlamaNation! The objective of the LlamaNation forum is to develop an industry knowledge-base that individuals can access as needed to help run their business, care for their animals and learn more about the industry. The "knowledge" part of the knowledge-base comes from the forum members' personal contributions over a long period of time.

The only way to have consistent, high-quality contribution from forum members is to maintain a tone and environment where both new and experienced llama breeders feel invited to contribute relevant information. Maintaining these qualities in the forum is the purpose of these rules and guidelines.

The LlamaNation forum is a privately owned, member moderated, publicly accessible discussion board. The rules and guidelines in this section are provided to guide the actions of the Forum members and moderators. These rules are not all inclusive, but are illustrative of the manner in which the forum is designed to operate.

LlamaNation and the forum moderators reserve the right at our sole discretion to edit, remove, or otherwise alter any material submitted to or posted on the forum or chat rooms. We further reserve the right to remove a user’s privilege to post content in our discussion forums. Opinions and postings on this forum are the sole responsibility of the person posting the message including their accuracy and content, and in no way reflect the opinions of LlamaNation or the forum administrators.

Go To Top Of Page Acceptance of Policies

By creating a forum account and/or contributing to the forum discussion, you are agreeing to abide by and be governed by these rules and the decisions and guidance of the forum moderators.

If you do not agree with the above statement, please do not create an account on this forum or participate in the discussion.

Go To Top Of Page No Expectation of Privacy

This forum and its discussion content is accessible to all Internet users. The information you add to your forum profile and post in forum discussions is visible to anyone on the Internet from anywhere at any time. Therefore, forum members should have no expectation of privacy for this information.

The confidentiality of certain account information such as passwords and certain contact information not contained in forum profiles will be maintained.

Go To Top Of Page Suspension or Termination of Access

LlamaNation and the forum moderators reserve the right to modify or delete information posted by forum members, as well as forum user accounts and posting privileges, at their sole discrection.

Failure to comply with the stated rules of this forum and the guidance of the forum moderators will result in disciplinary action against the forum member. Potential disciplinary actions include, but are not limited to warnings, suspension of posting privileges, termination of forum access, and removal from LlamaNation.com and all affiliated web sites.

Below are a few examples of forum behavior that will result in temporary or permanent disciplinary action:
1. You are routinely negative, critical or disrespectful in your posts;
2. You are consistently antagonistic, whether you know it or not;
3. Our moderators are forced to spend an inordinate amount of time addressing or reviewing your posts for appropriateness;
4. You do not obey the forum rules;
5. You are the source and subject of complaints from a wide diversity of forum members; or
6. You always have to have the last say, resulting the initiation or continuation of "flame wars."

Go To Top Of Page Member Posting Policies
Go To Top Of Page Advertising is prohibited

Advertising of products and services in forum posts and signatures is prohibited. If you offer products or services that are related to the topic of a discussion thread please refrain from promoting them on the forum.

Go To Top Of Page Copying or forwarding outside information

Please do not post content that is located on another web site, publication or discussion forum. If necessary to refer to such information in your post, please provide a link to the information. If it is not available on-line, provide the name and date of the publication.

Private emails and messages received outside of the forum should not be posted. Information that is protected by Copyright or is proprietary in nature should not be posted.

Go To Top Of Page No anonymous posting

The author of every post must be identifiable via a signature or their forum profile. Anonymous postings are prohibited since this practice is an open invitation for pot-shots, personal attacks and other violations of forum policy.

Sign each posting with your real name. Do not use alternate or false names. Only one user account per person.

Go To Top Of Page No legal matters, disputes or airing of grievances

Disputes, grievances and legal matters between farms belong in a court of law, not on the LLamaNation forum. Please do not use the forum to further argue current or past disputes or grievances. These types of dicussions rarely present an accurate view of both sides of a dispute. If it is a legal matter of public record, then refer to the public record; don't republish the public record on LlamaNation.

The llama industry is a small community and even when grievances are referred to in an anonymous manner they are often quite easily traced back to the people involved. If you wish to publish informtion about your disputes or experiences with other farms, please post it on your own private web site.

Go To Top Of Page No personal attacks or insults

Please be civil. Exercise common sense and be considerate toward your fellow users. Diversity of opinion and intelligent civil discussion is encouraged; however, insults and “flame wars” will not be tolerated.

If submitting a post that involves a specific individual or farm, please remove the name of the individual or farm.

Keep in mind that the information submitted on this forum will be accessible to the entire Internet for decades to come. Please keep your postings respectful and professional. As a general rule, if your post does not add new information or value to the topic at hand, you probably should not submit it.

Go To Top Of Page Report abusive posts

If a post has been submitted that is offensive, contains personal attacks, is off-topic or violates other forum policies, PLEASE DO NOT RESPOND. Responding will only cause flame wars and you will put yourself in jeopardy of losing your forum posting privileges. These posts should be reported to the forum moderators.

To report a posting to the forum moderators, go to the post in question. On the lower right corner of the post, click the "report to moderator" link. Please also indicated your reasons for reporting it when prompted.

Thank you for taking the higher road and helping to keep our forum clean.

Go To Top Of Page Signatures

Signatures displayed at the bottom of a post should not contain any promotional information such as slogans, announcements or the names of llamas, products or services. As a general rule, signatures may contain any of the following:
- First and Last Name
- Farm Name
- Address
- Phone Number
- Web Site URL

Go To Top Of Page Stay on topic

Please do not post off-topic. Keep your comments consistent with the subject and purpose of the original topic. Make sure your comments are relevant to the llama industry and post any new threads in the appropriate discussion forum.

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